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The Common Ground of All Religions

August 27, 2008

I’m living a very busy life, and, after a few hectic days, I notice that my “reference point” of connecting with Spirit has been put in the background and blurred. Then, doubts creep in: maybe this spirituality stuff is a big lie; maybe it’s just wishful thinking, impractical, unrealistic, unreal…maybe I’m just making things up in my head!

But even on super-hectic days, I can take a minute or two to be still, get silent, and reconnect with the Presence. Even if I don’t make time to sit in formal meditation, I find myself reconnecting when I’m getting ready to sleep, or when I first awaken.

That’s what happened this morning, and I got into my recent “trend”: minimizing the words I use to bring me back to communion; instead, getting really quiet, letting go, and letting the communion happen naturally- after all, it’s not at all a matter of me “doing something” or “making something happen.”

I got peaceful and felt this warm, infinite Presence. I opened to It, and could feel the Source of life! Always there, always strong- doubt and uncertainty are not even part of Its reality- there’s not even a possibility of them being any part of the equation!

Then I realized, this Presence, and the connection we can have with It, are what is at the heart of all religions and all spiritual practices.

The way the world has “gotten smaller” and people from different nations are communicating and interacting more, increasing the likelihood of world peace, has been on my mind a lot lately. I see that finding this common ground in religion and spirituality can be a big step toward facilitating this worldwide communication, cooperation, love of all humanity, and peace.

There has been so much strife, hostility, division, and even war over the details of religions that people cling to and defend in a tribal manner. Our idea of God, our religious practices, rules and regulations. If we can recognize that, underlying the differences, at the core, the essential part, there is only One Power, One Source of the universe- an idea which science is also supporting; that all paths end at the same destination- then our unity as human beings, and, indeed our unity with the entire universe, and the Source thereof, will become clear, and there will be no further need to fearfully defend our interpretation of the details.

In fact, once we feel the Source and open to It, and realize It is the Source of all people and all religions, we will realize that this insight is what’s truly important, and our differences will be put in the perspective they should be in: they are part of a diversity we can celebrate and take interest in – rather than a source of contention, they can be a source of curiosity, delight, and communication, just like diverse cultures, arts, languages, etc.!