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Returning to That Place of Inner Calm

December 8, 2008

Sometimes, I have reactions to thoughts or situations that create stress and tension: I think of a situation that’s planned for the future, and feel fear because I’m not sure how it will turn out or what I should do (unable to make a decision); or I may feel sadness or hurt over something that happened in the recent past- maybe someone assumed I wouldn’t be interested in doing something, so asked someone else without asking me.

With regular practice of finding that calm center inside- in formal meditation, and also by returning to it throughout the day, I’ve become able to return to this calm awareness in moments of fear, indecision, sadness, or hurt. There, I find true courage, insightful decisions, and unconditional love and acceptance of myself and others that goes beyond petty concerns of “being treated as I want to be treated”.

That panicked feeling of “not knowing what to do” subsides and a clear direction appears. That need to figure out why someone did what they did when I don’t like it is seen from a new perspective: rather than as a huge, all-encompassing, pressing need, it becomes tiny, negligible, and virtually irrelevant, because I’ve connected with my inner Source of unconditional love. Feeling this connection, I don’t need attention or validation from others; at the same time, this connection helps me see their Source and our oneness- something that is so much larger than any mistaken behavior or misinterpretation of another’s action.

Making this return to inner calmness in the “heat of the moment”- when upset reactions come up- a habit, connects our decisions, our relations with others, and, ultimately, our whole lives to a flow of clarity and intuitive knowing-ness that reveals our true selves and our true direction for the fulfillment of our purposes in life and our evolution as spiritual beings!

This habit is established and strengthened simply by remembering to return to the inner calm, situation by situation. Daily meditation practice “supercharges” this process.

So let’s look at every challenging situation as another opportunity to connect with, and live from, this true self of calm awareness!