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My New “Job”- Raising the Vibration of Everyone I Interact With!

March 22, 2009

I went through a relationship breakup recently, and I was trying to “figure it out”. My mind hit the proverbial “brick wall”- I was pretty confused and upset, and I decided to exercise an option I’d learned since studying New Thought- leave it to Spirit!

As so often happens, I received some intuitive communications:

1. The higher purpose of this happening is for you to dissolve any remaining dichotomies between your spirituality and any areas of your daily life, and live from your spiritual connection, as your main priority, always!
2. Many times in the more distant past; not so often, but still, in the recent past, you’ve gone into situations with people- work, social, or relationship situations- wanting to “get something”- love, approval, a good feeling. YOUR NEW JOB, FROM NOW ON, FULL-TIME, 24/7, IS TO BRING YOUR LOVE AND YOUR GOOD INTO EVERY SITUATION! YOU’RE NOT LOOKING FOR IT- YOU ALREADY HAVE IT, AND IT IS YOUR PURPOSE TO GIVE IT!!!

The Source of this love and good is Spirit. It is always there; the connection is always “on”- I just have to be conscious of it. This is accomplished by daily meditation and contemplation of Spirit, and, during the course of the day, by frequent “reminders” of this connection, such as using a mantra from time to time, e.g., “loving Spirit”.

There is a lot in recent writings by people such as Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, and Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, about “raising our vibration”. And recent science, especially quantum physics, has discovered that everything, at it’s essence, is vibration.

When I experience my connection and unity with Spirit, my vibration is lifted up to the highest level, and I experience unconditional love and perfect peace and joy.

As I do my work, and go through my day, interacting with others, it is easy to pick up on others’ vibrations, and, out of fear, allow some lower vibrations out there (fear, confusion, anger, competitiveness, etc.) to bring my vibration down.

Instead, it is my “#1 job” to keep my vibration at the highest level, and raise the vibration of anyone I encounter whose vibration is at a lower level. I can do this naturally and effortlessly, by keeping my higher vibration via the practices mentioned above.

In any situation, at all times, this is my purpose, what I’m here for, and I vow to remember it and do it, always!