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Spiritual Wisdom From Hotel Front Desk Clerk

October 17, 2009

(Typing this at Kaua’i airport, using WordPress for iPhone- awesome!)

Stayed at the Kaua’i Marriott last night. Checked out about 6:30am, and told the front desk clerk I liked the recent renovations.

She smiled a big smile, and told me they’ve been full through the renovations, which is great, but sometimes challenging, because sometimes they don’t have free rooms to move guests into if they don’t like their rooms.

Then she smiled some more and said, “but we just enjoy serving- serving our guests; and the challenges just make us stronger.”



Love As An Action Rather Than a Reaction

October 7, 2009

My CSL teacher/minister, Patri Hildrethoften says, “I love that part of me that _____ “ (shows negative qualities: is in a bad mood, fearful, etc.).

For awhile, I didn’t really get it: I don’t love those parts of me; I want to get rid of them as soon as possible!

However, I realized today that this love isn’t a reaction- loving that which we like and not loving, or even hating, that which we don’t like. It’s an action- we start from a place of love, and love is what we do, regardless of the circumstances.

So when I do the action of love toward weak, confused, fearful parts of myself, I evoke a healing energy, which is part of the Universal Energy, which is Divine Love. Doing this, I can feel those parts of me get soothed and comforted, like a scared little child being reassured by a parent, with patience and love.

I intend to approach every situation and person with this love that starts with me!