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Q: Will I really be able to ___ (get this done, make it, etc.)?

November 17, 2009

A: Relax: the Power that runs the whole universe is working for you right now! (Another realization I got when I awoke in the a.m.)


A New Day – Staying with the Inspiration

November 4, 2009

Waking up, starting a new day, I often get inspired thoughts. Seconds later, I often get a twinge of fear about the upcoming day: so much to do- will I be able to get it all done? What if I mess things up? Will I get exhausted prematurely and not do well after that? Will all the “mundane stuff” I “have to do” leave me frustrated that I “didn’t have time” to get to the really “good stuff” I really “want to do”?

Some days, I manage to let go of these kinds of thoughts and stay with the inspiration. Others, I get distracted from them by activities, but they lurk in the background, often weighing me down.

Today, I got a very strong inspiration- facilitated, I’m sure, by the book “The Power of Decision” by Raymond Charles Barker and the work we’ve been doing with it in a Science of Mind class at Center For Spiritual Living – Windward O`ahu. Last night, we covered the second-to-last chapter in the book, and there was a lot about “not living small”, realizing that we are the means of expression of our Source, which is completely unlimited.

The thought I got was: these fears I get and the limitations they impose on what I think I can do during a given day must be recognized and let go of – it’s vital! I have a Divine Mandate: live to the fullest, express completely, love completely, serve the world completely! This complete living is not possible if I’m tied down by worries, which actually become self-fulfilling prophecies of doom!

I KNOW that I am staying with the inspiration now, because I realize that it – the Divine urge of infinite expression, creativity, love, and life – is so much larger, so much stronger than any fears or worries that might come into my mind! I not only choose to let go of them; I realize that letting go of them and embracing the inspiration is the only possible way, in light of the hugeness of the Divine Purpose!!

Breathing in fully and completely and feeling the joy of complete life, I prepare to start my day, knowing that it is an amazing day, wherein infinite abundance, love, life, and joy express completely through me