Assurance of the Right Way

January 4, 2010

Went to sleep 1/3/10, after a wonderfully deep affirmative prayer / meditation / visioning session, in which I experienced a profound release and surrender to Spirit, and then “caught” the vision that my spiritual career is to be based on letting go of the surface mind and completely connecting with and focusing on Spirit’s guidance. (So I knew I’d probably awaken to something pretty good!).

Woke up 1/4, with a strong assurance: the paradigm for my work, and for my entire life (!), is definitely set and clear! Every choice, every direction, and every action – indeed, every moment – is now based on Spirit’s guidance!

So this means: no more planning what I “can do”, based on what others have done (although I will still check them out for inspiration!); no more deciding and proceeding based on “what’s the best thing to do” in my career, or life. EVERYTHING, ALL THE TIME, comes from my connection- my oneness – with Spirit: always looking to THAT direction, with everything from planning to deciding whether to accept or decline, pursue or not, to the actual doing of the creative work, etc.

Now the nagging thought, “How am I going to do this? “ (with so many options available, esp. in terms of my transformational career, and continuing spiritual education) is settled: I will let go of all the surface mind chatter, and “tune in” to Spirit, to get that guidance that is always perfectly right.

Doing this, I am assured that my career path, and my life, is unfolding in the utmost beautiful, perfect way, and that all the actions and directions I choose, and the way in which I “do my thing’ is the absolute best, is perfect!!

This is a complete assurance that my live events, my recordings, my writings, my day-to-day (moment-to-moment) interactions – everything – are completely based on that spiritual connection, and are therefore right, deep, inspired, and inspiring!


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