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I Do This To Express the Infinite!

October 9, 2010


Played a gig last night. Some holdovers from my past attitudes about playing music: “Oh, I’m cool!”; “People are gonna dig me when I play this!”; etc. – i.e., coming from the ego.


Realized an “attitude adjustment” is in order: in fact, it looks like my attitude in playing music has fallen behind my attitude in other activities! I realized the better attitude to take is “I do this for the glory of God!” Then, I realized that I want to take this attitude in everything I do!


Rather a traditional wording, but the right spirit. Thinking of what Rev. Michael said during the streaming Agape class, his usual emphasis on us being here to express the “Love-Intelligence that governs the universe”.


In meditation this morning, worked with the words, “I’m here to express the Infinite”, and a modified version of my chant: “Infinite Oneness, Infinite Life” (etc.).




I don’t play music, get buff, have a relationship with a woman, etc., etc., to feel good, show how cool I am, get acceptance, etc. I do EVERYTHING I do to express the Infinite! I’m here to fulfill God’s desire for creativity, for expression, through and as me!


Wow, I can’t wait to see how this is going to radically affect how I look at and do everything! I’m feeling the positive vibes, the “incredible lightness of being”, and the big smile on my face already!!!