I Do This To Express the Infinite!

October 9, 2010


Played a gig last night. Some holdovers from my past attitudes about playing music: “Oh, I’m cool!”; “People are gonna dig me when I play this!”; etc. – i.e., coming from the ego.


Realized an “attitude adjustment” is in order: in fact, it looks like my attitude in playing music has fallen behind my attitude in other activities! I realized the better attitude to take is “I do this for the glory of God!” Then, I realized that I want to take this attitude in everything I do!


Rather a traditional wording, but the right spirit. Thinking of what Rev. Michael said during the streaming Agape class, his usual emphasis on us being here to express the “Love-Intelligence that governs the universe”.


In meditation this morning, worked with the words, “I’m here to express the Infinite”, and a modified version of my chant: “Infinite Oneness, Infinite Life” (etc.).




I don’t play music, get buff, have a relationship with a woman, etc., etc., to feel good, show how cool I am, get acceptance, etc. I do EVERYTHING I do to express the Infinite! I’m here to fulfill God’s desire for creativity, for expression, through and as me!


Wow, I can’t wait to see how this is going to radically affect how I look at and do everything! I’m feeling the positive vibes, the “incredible lightness of being”, and the big smile on my face already!!!



One comment

  1. Hey Dan the Man,
    Sounds like a great attitude!

    The Fredster

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