Selfless Service

February 14, 2015

This is one of the practices of the Agape International Spiritual Center. I kind of “got it”, to an extent, but not as much as the other practices – meditation, affirmative prayer, study, fellowship. It was kind of like, “Oh, so I’m going to help fold up the chairs after service, bring a dish to the potluck, etc.?”

Although, when I’ve done things like that, it was really great! But then, it seems like something deeper is needed to be a real practice.

Then, I got it! Everything I do is selfless service! Especially my transformational career! It’s all about my consciousness while I’m doing it!

And then, I really felt a shift!

I’ve been working more on my transformational stuff lately: recordings for the new album, video-recording sections of the new interactive concert event, writing the first draft of the book…and really feeling it more, expressing more full-out, and really enjoying it so much more!

A lot less of the former “work” mindset, i.e., “I want to do this career thing, so I’ve got to do this, and this, and I have to get this done!” Ugh…

But that still creeps in from time to time. And then the other thing – the “I’m not quite ready or good enough, but I’m working on it” mindset! Maybe someday….Yikes!

But when I make this shift – to selfless service (!), I let go of trying to attain something, of trying to become something, of trying to get something (e.g., acceptance, financial reward, recognition), and completely adopt the mindset of “I’m GIVING!”


And proceeding – creating, expressing – from that mindset of giving, the flow of Divine Inspiration is completely opened! There is no more holding back; there is no more wondering if I’m doing this well enough, or trying to do so.

And when that letting go and that complete openness happens, divine creativity happens! Full-on, authentic, feeling-filled expression takes place! And a real gift is given! One that, because of its authentic feeling, and because it’s shot straight from the One, has to be fully given, and fully received by those it is given to!!!!!!

I think I’ve got it now! Time to create!!!!!!


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