February 14, 2015

Yesterday, I’d been thinking about a situation in my life, and how to proceed. Rather conflicted, going back and forth over options, decisions, pros and cons…


Went to bed. At some point – don’t remember if it was before falling asleep or upon waking up, got a great realization and practiced it:

Spirit’s guided my life so well all along – many, many times when I couldn’t see how things were really unfolding perfectly! So why not let go of this trying to figure things out and make things happen, and surrender it all to Spirit?!!!

So I did!!!

So it was a great deepening of my knowing the meaning of surrender! Not a giving up, not an admission of defeat. Not at all!

This surrender is about giving my life and my situations to Something Higher – to a Greater Knowing, with an infinitely wider perspective and Power than my surface mind!!!

Feels so right! Feels so good! I know I am on the right track to the best!

And so it is!!!


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