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"Dark Night" Turns into Light!

April 18, 2009

Had a “dark night of the soul” last night-fell asleep after dinner, and, when I awoke, was very bummed out about relationship breakups, career and financial failures, etc… Had that “I can’t win” feeling…

Went into meditation to find the purpose of it…

It started as a “rant meditation”, but then I focused on the breath a bit more, and just observed the “ranting voices”.

Felt a great letting go, and a great freedom from the feeling of not “trying to get anything” anymore…

I realized the purpose of this is to do what Jesus said to do:

“Seek first the Kingdom of God, and all these will be added unto you.”

I.e., before I get into a relationship again, really pursue career advancement, etc., I must get my consciousness of my connection and oneness with Spirit really strong- stronger than my desire for these other things!

Today, in my interactions with others, I practiced letting go of wanting to “get something” (attention, affection, approval, etc.) from them, and dropped any expectations of how they should be…felt so much happier, lighter, more appreciative of others, and more open to and aware of Spirit!!!

That’s it! My priority is set! I will practice to develop a super-strong spiritual connection before actively pursuing anything else!

Thank you, God, for the “dark night’ and its purpose of light!!!


Spirit is Both (and Neither!) Inside and Outside

April 16, 2009

I’ve been “practicing the Presence” for quite awhile now, and have been noticing an amazing thing:

When I connect with Spirit “inside”, I automatically feel Spirit “outside” (other people and things)! But now I see that a step higher in consciousness is to realize that there is no “inside” and “outside”- it’s ALL Spirit…so I can find Spirit EVERYWHERE!!


I Open Up to Joy and Creativity at All Times!

April 7, 2009

Started my day noticing there was a frequent lack of joy in me. Went into my meditation/communing/visioning practice today, with joy rather blocked by some recent events, and the realization that I hadn’t gotten much creative work done, and still had a lot of “mundane” stuff to do…

I went into the contemplation/communing part of my practice, using the mantra, “Infinite Love, Infinite Joy”, and then, just “Infinite Joy”. I noticed a feeling of a block to this joy, and let it go. Divine Joy streamed into me, like a light, and filled my entire self!

Then I had a realization: this block to joy I experienced inside is the same block that has often kept me from fully engaging in my creativity, the very reason my creative projects have taken so long to complete! It’s also what has held me back from fully engaging in life in general- in joyous living, and in joyous care of my body, pad, car, and relationships!!!

This does not require verbal analysis of what this block may be- it only requires letting go of it, and my meditation/visioning session today has demonstrated!

I feel that I have found the key to truly joyous, “full-tilt” living! I intend to let go of this block to joy whenever (if ever) it appears again, and live a renewed, revitalized, joyous life!!!


Creativity a Smooth, Easy Flow

January 23, 2008

It’s happened too many times to count. I go to sleep at night, and
wake up with an idea, a realization that I’m inspired to write about.
Or I have a question or a decision to make, and I’m “stumped” during
my waking hours, but when I get up the next morning, a clear answer
has appeared!
Since I started writing New Thought songs, I’ve gone into meditation
with a theme or a title, and a large amount of the melody, harmony,
and lyrics has just “come to me”!
The results of this method- just allowing a free flow- have been so
much more satisfying than the old way: thinking about it, trying to
figure it out, struggling to find an answer, make a decision, or come
up with an artistic creation.
It dawned on me (appropriate metaphor) , once again just when I awoke,
that this is a matter of “planting a seed” in Universal Mind and just
letting the result appear. It’s happened enough now that I’m aware of,
and can trust, the process!
This is so easy and natural, I’m amazed! “You mean that’s all there is
to it? I don’t have to exert enormous effort to make something happen-
I just ask, or state a creative idea, and the result just appears?”
YES! Indeed, truly amazing! My old conditioning- “race consciousness”-
appears for a moment: “What do you mean? You know you have to WORK
HARD to get great results! What are you trying to do- weasel out of
it? Are you lazy or something?”
No, obviously- I’ve just found a much superior way, a way which, yes,
involves much less effort and struggle, and is therefore much more
efficient, as well as producing much better results!
I can also do this process in a more intentional way, by using the
visioning process- asking the question or “planting” the creative
idea, then waiting in meditative silent for the answer, with complete
faith the perfect answer is coming, and with complete openness to it!
This more intentional way is my next step- putting more of my volition
into the process, and making it more focussed and quick!
Here’s to creativity!!


Even Loud Noises Are Divine!

January 21, 2008

Starting my meditation / contemplative prayer session this morning.
Just started to get relaxed, when a loud generator started up, right
below where I was sitting. I was distracted for a moment, and thought,
“Oh no! I won’t be able to continue.” But I just relaxed and went on.
Once my thinking settled down and I opened up to the Presence- which
necessitated letting go of thoughts and preconceived notions- an
amazing thing happened: I heard the sound of the generator, without
the idea of “that’s an obnoxious noise” or “that’s a distraction”. I
just heard it as a sound, without judgement! Then I realized, as I was
again thinking that the Divine is in everything, that this sound is
Divine as well! Divine, Universal Substance and Energy is the source
of this sound, just as It is the Source of me!
I felt a oneness with the sound, just as I’d felt a oneness with other
people and things before. I realized, and felt, that it’s part of the
One, and so I felt that it was Divine. Then I heard the sound of the
generator in an entirely different way: as a holy, sacred sound- part
of the loving Universe, part of God, part of life!!
Communing and uniting with the sound became a wonderful part of my
meditation and a wonderful way of uniting with the Loving Presence of